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  1. I also found it interesting that he realized that the students who didn’t need it were the ones who actually turned it in. And the students who needed the most reinforcement were the ones that spent very little time on it

  2. All of the above is true; the most motivated students are usually the students who turn the work in and the ones asking for extra credit points. We are usually begging the weaker students to “please turn in your homework,” “Have you turned in your homework yet?” “Don’t forget you have a project due in two days,” etc. But the alternative is scary, too. At a school such as ours, if we do not reinforce work outside of class, then we do not have a measurement to show parents that we have tried to not only teach their children in class, but have provided learning opportunities for them outside of the classroom as well, which THEY were responsible for, and which THEY did or did not do. At some point, we have to relieve ourselves of responsibility before the parent (at grade time) and the administration (reviews) to show that we have done everything we could to teach, and still, for whatever reason, a certain number of children did not learn what they were supposed to perhaps. Hopefully, very few.

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